Photo Daily: Spinning Below the Eiffel Tower

Spinning Below the Eiffel Tower ©2005

Spinning Below the Eiffel Tower ©2005

I’ve long said that being on top of the Eiffel Tower is wonderful and all, but when you’re standing on it, there’s something important missing from the view of Paris around you. The Eiffel Tower.

But you have to do it. If you’re in Paris, at least once in your lifetime, you have to go up to the top. And if you’re lucky enough, someone will kiss you while you’re up there. You have to do it.

As we were standing up there, (see, I was lucky!), both my companion and I struggled a little to find some interesting things to compose into our top of the Eiffel Tower photographs. Straight down seemed to be interesting.

During my first stay in Paris about 20 years ago, I photographed a beautiful little carousel across the Seine from the Eiffel Tower one beautiful Sunday morning. And as I looked down, well whadaya know. There it was again. Like an old friend I hadn’t seen in… well… about 20 years.

The spinning carousel seemed to be pulling the traffic around the corner in its orbit. A little Parisian solar system with the carousel as the sun. And somehow still, there was a tower there too, much like the one I was standing on, in the painted traffic median.

Sometimes everything truly is right in the world.

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