Photo Daily: Rooftop Eiffel Tower

Rooftop Eiffel Tower ©2005

Rooftop Eiffel Tower ©2005

One of my favorite things when I’m in Paris is trying to come up with interesting ways to photograph the most Parisian thing in the City of Light. With millions of photographs being made of it every year, how to come up with a photograph of the Eiffel Tower that has even a modicum of originality to it?

Back in 2005, I was staying in Paris with my friend Morgan. It was the during the first day or so of our arrival, after a wonderful dinner at Mandelay Ray (sadly now closed), that Morgan decided she really need to see the Eiffel Tower with her own eyes.

Right. Now.

So off we headed off on foot through the streets of the 8th Arrondissement in that direction. Every once in a while we would get a wonderful view of it, waiting for us on the other side of the Seine. With it lit up at night as it is, it’s hard to miss, even at a distance. Every once in a while, we’d stop and brace ourselves on a wall or something to keep our cameras steady enough to make the long one second exposure that was required.

Morgan, heels off, lines up her photograph ©2005

Morgan, heels off, composes her photograph ©2005

This was definitely one of those times when the journey was just as pleasant as arriving at the final destination.

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