Photo Daily: Rooftop of Duomo di Milano, Italy

Rooftop of Duomo di Milano, Milan, Italy ©1999

Rooftop of Duomo di Milano, Milan, Italy ©1999

Whenever I make photographs during travel, at least half the time I do it alone. Even when traveling with others, I usually make a point to make some time to explore and discover by myself.

I always find it interesting that I’m drawn to make photos containing other solitary figures. Maybe it’s an unconscious way of expressing the state I happen to be in at that moment. Alone. Contemplating. Observing. It’s not a feeling of loneliness. It’s simply me very focused, looking through my viewfinder.

I made this photograph in 1999 during a trip to Milan, Italy. I was staying with a good friend of mine. While she worked during the day, I went out exploring. Looking for something a little different.

The city of Milano, much like most major European cities, is designed in a sort of wheel, with something of some significance in the center. In Milano, it’s the Duomo di Milano, which has what I believe is the distinction of  being one of the oldest and newest of the great European cathedrals.

How can that be? Well, its groundbreaking began in 1386. And it only took six centuries to be completely finished. In 1965. Ah, those Italians. They do like to take their time.

Regardless, it’s a beautiful architectural wonder. It was nice to spend a little me time, nearly alone, on the rooftop, above the chaos of the city below.

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