Photo Daily: Rendezvous à Notre-Dame

Rendezvous à Notre-Dame ©2008

Rendezvous à Notre-Dame ©2008

Paris is a wonderful people watching city. Its cafés are lined with chairs facing out, allowing for conversations next to your companion, rather than across from them. A much better angle to watch from, while sipping espressos.

And on foot, wandering at a leisurely Parisian pace, silently observing the greetings, the hugs, handholding and other forms of human connection.

On one of my nighttime strolls through Île de la Cité, past the Notre-Dame de Paris, even though the hour was late, there was still plenty of people watching to be had. A couple hugging beneath the lights. Another out for a stroll in the brisk Spring air. Small groups collected, animated discussions.

A city very much alive.

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