Photo Daily: Merrique Upward Gaze

Merrique Upward Gaze ©2014

Merrique Upward Gaze ©2014

Merrique and I had the kind of shoot I just love. Great conversation before, during and after shooting. It had been three years since we had worked together and we were long overdue for a good catch-up.

Merrique is another one of my good model friends who is simply brilliant. She’s also a musician and audio engineer. So much of her life is spent creating.

She has such a beautiful classic look to her. Born in Paris, she seems to me like someone who has stepped out of a 1920s Parisian salon, full of artists, discussing their work and inspiring each other. Merrique certainly does that for me.

I was in one of my old Hollywood moods again the day we shot. And out came my beautiful fresnel lights that I love to shape the light with. Merrique’s face is sublime in that light. And it brings the lovely shape of her emotive face out so wonderfully.

I have so many great photographs from this shoot and it only saddens me that it’s taken me so long to go through an begin to edit our wonderful collaboration from last summer. Although the silver lining is that I get to rediscover what we did all over again! Breathtaking.

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