Photo Daily: Keira Grant Casa Dracula Doorway

Keira Grant Casa Dracula Doorway ©2011

Keira Grant Casa Dracula Doorway ©2011

I got a lovely holiday card from my model friend Keira Grant the other day. It’s such a nice surprise to get something in the snail-mail that’s inspiring for a change. Art.

Keira is a prolific art model. Intelligent, creative, inventive. I had a wonderful time photographing her in and around the 19th century mansion of a sugarcane baron a few years ago. We were in Baja Mexico and spent one afternoon discovering and exploring and playing, making wonderful photographs.

At one point we stopped near a doorway leading out into the back courtyard. I backed away into an adjacent room to give the composition some extra depth, while Keira surveyed the light and found a pose that broke the heavy vertical lines with her feminine curves.

We made several photographs from this spot and I always have the most challenging time determining what my favorite is. Keira can be an embarrassment of riches. Not a bad problem to have.

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