Photo Daily: Jillian Ann Loves Her Piano

Jillian Ann Loves Her Piano ©2005

Jillian Ann Loves Her Piano ©2005

One of my missions as a photographer is to find ways to integrate people and their passions in any image I’m making with them. The essence of who they are at their core. With my friend Jillian Ann, that often means finding her a piano. Jillian Ann loves her piano. She loves posing on it as much as she loves composing on it.

I made this photograph with Jillian during a wonderful afternoon of letting her just be her with one of her best friends. It was back to basics in many respects. I was shooting her on film with my beautiful old Nikon F3. Old Hollywood soft light. And a Steinway grand piano, much older than both of our ages combined.

We made hundreds of photographs that day, many showing more than just the corner of her piano friend. It’s not even obvious at first glance that she’s laying on a piano. But this one always stands out to me.

The way her eye grabs your attention and won’t let go. The way she seems to be looking into your soul as much as you’re looking into hers.

An intense connection.


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