Photo Daily: Happy New Year – Last Call 2014

Happy New Year - Last Call ©2014

Happy New Year – Last Call ©2014

Ah, 2014. It was a mixed bag, to be sure. As most years are, really when you think about it. Silly, tragic, uplifting, disappointing and wonderful. All at once.

No need to run down the list, as those end of year lists are everywhere. But I think sometime in the future, a clever filmmaker will use the Ice Bucket Challenge to time-stamp a film taking place in 2014, the same way the giant Motorola brick phone is used to signify the mid-80s. (That phone was $4,000, by the way.) Happy 30th anniversary to the cell phone.

I made this photograph last year at this time, actually. Shortly before overpaying for my Uber cab ride home during peak hours. Which is another one of those silly 2014 things. Chicago’s CTA (our public transportation, continues the tradition of going the other way, with free rides on New Years Eve. Something to remember when you don’t want to pay $100 to Uber.

Happy New Year! Looking forward to another year of silly, tragic, uplifting, disappointing and wonderful in 2015.

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