Photo Daily: Gothic Sky, Notre-Dame de Paris

Gothic Sky, Notre-Dame de Paris ©2005

Gothic Sky, Notre-Dame de Paris ©2005

Stop. Look up. Look close. One thing that differentiates modern and classic architecture are the details. In my travels around the old cities of Europe, and even a few younger ones in the States, I’m in awe when I get up close to the buildings for a better look. Like this gothic corner of Notre-Dame de Paris.

In the spirit of my Parisian mood this week, here’s another photograph I’ve never shown in public before. There are many famous views of this architectural wonder, but sometimes I like to get a little more specific in my compositions. This intersection of projecting lines instantly caught my eye. The seemingly launching gargoyles and the intricate spires are something truly inspiring. Details you don’t see on modern buildings.

I’m not suggesting that every new Starbucks or Pottery Barn should have gargoyles on the facade, although that would be interesting.

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