Photo Daily: The Eyes of Carlotta

The Eyes of Carlotta ©2014

The Eyes of Carlotta ©2014

My model friend Carlotta Champagne is enormous amounts of fun. When I first photographed her in Mexico a few years ago, I was in a serious mood for some reason when we began to shoot. It wasn’t until I lightened the fuck up and caught up with her happy mood that the photographs began to work. I haven’t made that mistake with her since.

Carlotta is full of fun ideas. And it didn’t hurt that it was her birthday the day we photographed her here in Chicago. She was staying with me during her birthweek and every day was a new adventure. And fun. Have I mentioned fun?

When I asked her if she had anything with her that she’d been dying to be photographed in, she pulled out a vintage 1920s romper, the old stitches barely holding together and just like that, we had our theme.

She hurried off to do her makeup while I prepped the studio. When she returned, I was amazed. Her face was beautiful and wonderfully haunting. We shot some gorgeous stills first and then headed down to the basement of my studio to shoot a short film of her which is turning out to be a tremendously fun piece to edit (coming soon!).

But those eyes. Those beautiful eyes. Once they grab you, it’s difficult to look away.

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