Photo Daily: Romahni Rose Shadow Dance

Romahni Rose Shadow Dance, Chicago ©2014

Romahni Rose Shadow Dance, Chicago ©2014

It’s always a pleasure when I meet a new model, traveling along with another of my favorite models. One of my long time collaborators, Brooke Lynne, was traveling through Chicago earlier this year with the lovely Australian model Romahni Rose and asked if they could spend a few days at my studio.

Mais bien sûr !

Brooke is wonderfully goofy and Romahni is as well. Many laughs were had during their stay. Serious when it comes to their art, of course, but I find the best art is made when everyone is having a joyful time.

I shot Brooke and Romahni together, but it was nice to focus on them individually as well, giving one of them a break from time to time. Romahni has a wonderful sense of the shapes she creates when she’s posing and I decided to create a lighting set up where her shadow would be a powerful visual, the first place your eye would go to in the photograph.

We had a delightful time collaborating with different shapes she created. And my collection of favorite Australian muses continues to grow.

Thank you, Romahni!

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