Photo Daily: Anastasia Arteyeva Smoldering

Anastasia Arteyeva Smoldering, Chicago ©2014

Anastasia Arteyeva Smoldering, Chicago ©2014

One of my dearest model friends, Anastasia, has been on my mind a great deal lately. Since her stay at my studio last winter, she’s traveled home to Ukraine to see her family, continued her travels in Europe and the Mediterranean and given herself some time to think about what’s next for her. It’s been a joy to watch her create from afar.

Like many models I know, Anastasia has become quite a brilliant photographer in her own right. It’s not simply that her years of experience in front of the camera creating original images has allowed her to soak up what to do and what not to do in her own photography. It’s that her generous spirit and heart comes through in what she sees when she raises her camera up to her eye. She is an excellent seer. Her new work in the past year has been very inspiring to me.

Whenever we are together collaborating on images, it’s usually one of the highlights of my year. We seem to understand and push each other on a level that I find rare in my work. I find myself reaching to find my best creatively when I’m in the company of such a generous muse.

Her intelligence in how she approaches her art is another layer that is wonderful to be a part of. It seems effortless for her to create beautiful images, but I’m always impressed with the thought that goes into whatever persona she decides to inhabit. The images of her consistently cause the viewer to be curious about the story she’s expressing. There’s always a deeper meaning in her eyes.

And her kind and giving nature is another layer that makes creating with her so rewarding. She’s a wonderful friend to have.

A beautiful human on the inside as well as outside, I’m looking forward to our next artistic collaboration.

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