Photo Daily: Villa, staircase and umbrella, Santorini

Villa, staircase and umbrella, Santorini, Greece ©1994

Villa, staircase and umbrella, Santorini, Greece ©1994

I suppose every photographer has their thing that catches their eye. I do seem to make a lot of photographs with doors and stairs in them. I think it’s my curiosity.

“What’s behind that door? What’s up those stairs?”

I guess I’ve always been more of a future looking person rather than looking back at the past.

What’s next?

I made this photograph twenty years ago this month with a beautiful Nikon F camera and Fuji Provia transparency film. I was traveling with some friends around Greece and while on the island of Santorini, we stayed in a beautiful villa overlooking the Aegean Sea, 500 feet below. Lots of places to explore. Places to be curious about. Wondering what was around the next corner.

I don’t know, is a perfectly fine answer. Time to find out.

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