Photo Daily: Totter Todd at House of Blues

Totter Todd at House of Blues, Chicago ©2009

Totter Todd at House of Blues, Chicago ©2009

I made this photograph of Totter Todd at the House of Blues during a performance of Heavyweight Dub Champion in 2009. The band gave me full access to roam about both in front of and backstage, a rarity for me, since I don’t often photograph bands these days.

I always enjoyed photographing concerts, going back to my college days. But I’ll admit, I’m a bit spoiled. If I am not photographing as part of the band entourage, really getting to focus on the musicians and their performances any way I wish, jockeying for position with the masses just doesn’t have the appeal it did when I was younger.

I think it’s probably because I know that being invited by the band is a more collaborative process. They know I’m there. They want me there. We can play off of each other in more interesting ways  than we could if I was just another lens in their faces. The photographs have a more intimate quality about them. It’s a mutual creation.

Totter has a great look about him. The classic saxophone player look when he’s doing his thing. You can just see him pouring his soul into each note.

I made hundreds of photographs that evening, but this one always catches my eye when I’m reviewing images from this show.

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