Photo Daily: Sunset Tower Hotel, Los Angeles

Sunset Tower Hotel, Los Angeles ©2006

Sunset Tower Hotel, Los Angeles ©2006

There are a few things I love about Los Angeles. One of them is the history. The stories, embellished over time of the glamour days of Hollywood.

It’s true that by world standards, it’s a relatively new city. As Steve Martin’s character, Harris, in L.A. Story points out, “Some of these buildings are over twenty years old!”

But since I am a part of the cinematic storytelling industry, I do get pretty jazzed to see some of the old culture that still remains. What’s left, anyway.

One of those is the Sunset Tower. Or as it’s now called, The Sunset Tower Hotel. I guess someone felt that it might get confused with some other kind of tower if they didn’t add that extra description on the end of it.

Built in 1929, it’s certainly had it’s share of famous residents. Howard Hughes, John Wayne, Marilyn Monroe, Errol Flynn, Elizabeth Taylor, Frank Sinatra, Paulette Goddard, Bugsy Siegel. And somehow the Art Deco architecture makes it a beautiful time capsule to that era.

Sure, I’m a bit of an old film tourist whenever I’m in LA. But you have to admit. It’s a beautiful building.

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