Photo Daily: If You See Her, Say Hello from Berlin

If You See Her, Say Hello from Berlin ©1995

If You See Her, Say Hello from Berlin ©1995

I was in Berlin for a screening of a film I edited that was being shown as part of the Berlin Underground Film Festival. It was 1995 and only a few years since the Berlin Wall came down. Plenty of evidence of that still everywhere.

But Berlin has a strong heart and the people were as vibrant as any I’ve met anywhere. Friendly. Welcoming. Intelligent.

I spent a lot of time walking around Berlin, both what was formerly East and West. Thinking it a little bit of incredible that what I was doing wasn’t possible for most, less than ten years earlier. Exploring both daytime and in the middle of the night. It’s easier to imagine what Berlin looked like 100 years ago when it’s night. A different energy. Inviting.

I made this photograph of a busker during one of my walks with my faithful Hasselblad camera travel companion. It’s funny how language barriers melt away when you put music in the middle. We all know those songs. All of us world travelers. A slice of familiar, in a distant land.

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