Photo Daily: New Canyons

Andrew Marrah and Adam Stilson of New Canyons, Chicago ©2008

Andrew Marrah and Adam Stilson of New Canyons, Chicago ©2008

Okay, I guess we’ll keep going on this unofficial music theme this week. It might be RiotFest that has me in a music mood. Or it may be that I’ve realized that I have more photos of music and musicians than I thought! Either way. Here’s another.

I was photographing the band of a friend of mine at Danny’s, a great little dive to see new music in Wicker Park. It’s a bit hidden in the middle of a residential street. Everyone knows Danny’s. Opening for them was a band I hadn’t heard of at the time. New Canyons. But by the time they were finished, I was a fan.

In a broad stroke, New Canyons reminds me a bit of early Manchester Joy Division. Not exactly, but some familiar cavernous reverb musical stylings. But definitely their own sound. And a good one at that.

As with my friend’s band, the lighting was certainly an afterthought for New Canyons. The kind of lighting that I have to rely on longer exposures and high ISOs that allow my camera to see more than my eye can in person. Focusing is a crap shoot. But it’s all pretty rock and roll to be shooting more by feel than being able to see what you’re actually doing.

At one point, the stage strobe light came on and I just set my shutter speed to three seconds and hoped for the best.

It worked.

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