Photo Daily: Morgan and the Couture, Paris


Morgan in Patrizia Pepe dress, shoes by Pucci, Paris, ©2006

Morgan in Patrizia Pepe dress, shoes by Pucci, Paris, ©2006

Six suitcases of couture and shoes. Two cases of camera gear. And one model friend. It wasn’t until we were actually lugging it all through the streets of Paris that we realized we may have over packed.

Morgan and I would be spending three weeks in Paris at an apartment I rented in the Latin Quarter in the 5th arrondissement, on Boulevard de Saint Michel, right across the street from the lovely Jardin du Luxembourg. Around the corner was Place du Panthéon, and down the street, the historic Sorbonne, which has been one of the seats of higher learning in Paris since the 12th century.

Morgan and I mixed a bit of work and parisien relaxation into our visit there. Between Morgan and another model, Frances, who we worked with there, there was a lot of art created during those few weeks.

This photograph of Morgan in a lovely little dress from Patrizia Pepe was made in the courtyard of our apartment. Beautiful summer light bouncing and reflecting off the old walls. Nature’s softbox.

Fashion and Paris. It doesn’t get much better than that.

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