Photo Daily: Lexi Gentle Curve

Lexi Gentle Curve, Chicago ©2011

Lexi Gentle Curve, Chicago ©2011

It’s always a joy to work with people with a dance background. It adds an extra layer of poetry to the photographs. Lexi has wonderful dance skills. Even in still images, you can feel the motion.

Whenever I’m photographing someone in motion, I looks for the little moments. It’s not always the peak of a movement or jump, but sometimes the interesting moment on the way to a peak.  Watching the beautiful human geometry unfold. The rhythm of movement.

When a shoot like this is going well, I find myself gliding into that rhythm. Anticipating where she’s going next. Where her arms and legs will be in the next instant. Waiting for the balance in the frame.

That’s when photography becomes a dance.

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