Photo Daily: Jordan Serenely Exhausted

Jordan Serenely Exhausted, Chicago ©2008

Jordan Serenely Exhausted, Chicago ©2008

It was well past 2am and Jordan and I were nearing the end of what would be one of our last photoshoots we’d have for a while. It had been almost a year since we last collaborated and oddly, I think for whatever reason, both of us were finding it difficult to find our usual groove.

In a month she’d be moving her life a couple thousand miles away. Perhaps we knew things were going to change for both of us and that thought was getting in the way of how effortless our creations usually were.

After a few hours of shooting, we were both exhausted and a funny thing happened. We found our groove again. I think because we were both so tired, the noise in our brains finally got out of the way. We were just enjoying the shoot like we always did in the past. Not worrying about it being the end of a creative era for both of us. Just making the art we loved to make.

This photo of Jordan was very near the end of our shoot. She was just relaxing rather than posing. And I moved around her until she was between my camera and the light above, just so. I love how this one turned out. Just enough splashes of light to define her beautiful shape.

Sometimes it’s good to be too tired to over think what you’re creating.

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