Photo Daily: Jillian Ann and the Steinway

Jillian Ann and the Steinway, Chicago ©2005

Jillian Ann and the Steinway, Chicago ©2005

“Can we find a piano?” That’s a question I’ve heard many times from my good friend Jillian Ann. I think being close to any piano is her happy place.

A call to a good art director friend, who has a beautiful home, and more importantly, a gorgeous vintage Steinway grand piano, and I was able to grant Jillian her photographic wish. We loaded up the truck of another good director friend, Jim Hoffman, who graciously agreed to assist me that day, and we headed off to the South Loop.

I photographed Jillian, both with one of my early Nikon digital cameras, as well as my Hasselblad. I was using very soft modeling light on Jillian, almost not enough to make an exposure on film, even pushing it a stop or two, but considering the classic nature of the piano, I decided heavy grain would probably only add to the image. The Hasselblad images definitely won.

Thanks to Chris and Jim, and of course, Jillian. A wonderful day of photographing beauty of all kinds.

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