Photo Daily: Heavyweight Dub Champion at HOB

Jillian Ann, Resurrector, Totter Todd, and Stero-Lion/HDC at HOB ©2009

Jillian Ann, Resurrector, Totter Todd, and Stero-Lion/HDC at HOB ©2009

I know it’s going to be a fun shoot when I’m wearing two cameras around my neck. One with a wide zoom lens for shots like this one of Heavyweight Dub Champion playing a great set at Chicago’s House of Blues. And the other with a nice longer lens for more intimate shots of the musicians.

There are a lot of great shots to be had, and I find that it’s much easier to keep my eyes on what’s unfolding in front of me if I can avoid taking my focus away from the performance to switch a lens. It’s true there are zoom lenses that can give me a wide range of focal lengths with the same lens, but those lenses, especially the ones that are fast enough to shoot in ever-changing concert lighting are pretty heavy and bulky. I prefer to be more nimble.

HDC asked me to photograph their HOB concert because it was a pretty big show for them. They wanted it well covered. Because I was with the band that evening, the helpful HOB staff gave me full access to go wherever I wanted to get the shots I found interesting. Certainly in front and on stage with the band. But also the full run of the catwalks above the stage and all the balconies. Great access.

It’s very easy to get into a good groove when you can move wherever you want to make an interesting photograph. And because I was with the band, I didn’t have the first three songs only restriction that most concert photographers have to adhere to.  I love this particular image of Jillian finding her own groove during the performance.

A memorable shoot.

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