Photo Daily: Grant Chambers Liberation Movement

Grant Chambers, West Loop, Chicago ©2009

Grant Chambers, West Loop, Chicago ©2009

Like the models I photograph, musicians are innate performers, and by their nature, always fun to photograph. Whenever I collaborate with a musician, I do my best to find the persona they are trying to emote. Sometimes serious. Often thoughtful. Always cool.

Grant Chambers of Liberation Movement stayed at my studio a couple of years ago when his band was performing at Wicker Park Fest. Grant has a great look. Imposing at times, but he’s a gentle creature at heart. I wanted to try to capture both of those disparate feelings in our photoshoot one evening after the show.

The West Loop neighborhood where my studio is located is undergoing a radical change these days and I wanted to use some of the environment before it all went away. We were shooting in natural light as the evening progressed and I found some streetlights under a bridge that helped to pull him out from the background of brooding sky.

Serious. Thoughtful. And absolutely cool.

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