Photo Daily: Clouds, Towers and L Train

Clouds, Towers and L Train, Chicago ©2014

Clouds, Towers and L Train, Chicago ©2014

I was walking back to the studio the other evening at the end of a very long and busy week. Completely cashed. But you know, the world around us has a way of making all of that melt away with its beauty sometimes. Awe has a way of lifting us up when it seems like we’re too tired to take another step.

Chicago’s weather continues its psychotic ways this year, completely unpredictable, but sometimes sublime. That evening was completely typical in its randomness. Indecisive on whether it was going to be rainy Armageddon or a pleasantly cool summer evening.

In the meantime, the sky was just showing off. I walked a few blocks framing the various buildings, light poles and assorted city elements against the sky, until I came to an urban clearing near one of the freshly demolished lots there seem to be a lot of in the West Loop these days. I pointed my camera southeast toward downtown, trying to pick a framing and made a fairly satisfying image when I heard the approach of one of the city’s signature elements. The L.

With the city skyline in the bottom of the frame and leaving a large space for the ominous clouds above, I just waited for the train to move into the frame and complete the composition. Almost… almost……. click.

And for the rest of my walk home, I felt as fresh and as light as a feather.

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