Photo Daily: Civic Opera Architecture Intersection

Civic Opera Architecture Intersection, Chicago ©2013

Civic Opera Architecture Intersection, Chicago ©2013

It’s the little details we so often hurry past. Walking past little bits of architectural wonder, every day without thinking.

I’m guilty of it too. Which is why I try to make a point every few months to walk my own city. Slowly. Deliberately.

On this particular walk, I had stopped about halfway across the Washington Boulevard bridge over the Chicago River I’ve hurried across hundreds of times. I’ve always loved the clean back of the Civic Opera Building. I always thought it would be wonderful to show films on the wall there, perhaps inviting boats to anchor off for the evening.

But this time, I also noticed something else. Dozens of sculpted singing heads lining the top of the building. And then I began to see more.

And then over the top, glimpses of much newer buildings, including the antennae of the Sears Tower peeking over the top. A beautiful intersection of Chicago architecture, old and new. A wonderful convergence of geometry.

Sometimes you have to turn the hurry knob down a few clicks.

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