Photo Daily: Carlotta Water Surface

Carlotta Water Surface, Todos Santos, Mexico ©2011

Carlotta Water Surface, Todos Santos, Mexico ©2011

Water. I love to be near it. In life and in my photography. It’s always a special treat when I get to combine the two.

I was photographing my friend Carlotta Champagne in Todos Santos, Mexico a few years ago. It was a hot day. The kind of day when you try to avoid the mid-day sun. But we had a shoot scheduled. So there was no avoiding it.

But we did the next best thing. We headed to the shade. And the water.

It was the first time we had worked together. Carly got into the water. Beautiful images began to appear in my head before I even raised my camera to my eye. And as I saw the reflections from her face and body, I knew exactly where I had to put the camera.

Right on the surface of the water.

I emptied my pockets of anything that didn’t like water and walked down the stairs into the ridiculously refreshing water. I held my camera over my head as the water reached my neck. I was now, eye level with the surface. Wonderful.

We began to shoot, carefully so as not to dip my lens into the water. Carlotta was lovely. Sublime. Eyes that pulled me in as I continued to shoot. The palm leaves framing her in the background. I really love the images we created that day.

And I couldn’t think of a better way to beat the mid-day heat.

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