Photo Daily: Anne Duffy Leans on Chair at Casa Dracula

Anne Duffy Leans on Chair at Casa Dracula, Todos Santos, Mexico ©2011

Anne Duffy Leans on Chair at Casa Dracula, Todos Santos, Mexico ©2011

When I first saw Anne Duffy’s portfolio, I knew immediately I wanted to photograph her. When I met her, six months later to finally get my wish, I was rewarded to know the witty, creative and intelligent woman behind the beautiful photos. Anne is fun! She did not disappoint.

Anne has, in addition to her gorgeous silhouette, the most sublime overall beauty. Stunning porcelain skin, a face that is nothing short of sculpture, and the most lovely eyebrows framing gorgeous eyes. And the contrast of her dark brunette hair. It’s one of those situations when I know, if the photos are bad, it’s completely my fault.

We shot in a few locations one beautiful day in Baja, Mexico. One of them was an old 19th century sugarcane baron’s mansion, now called Casa Dracula. So many wonderful rooms to explore with Anne. And we made the most of it.

There was gorgeous light coming in through one of the balcony doors near a chair I had spotted a few days earlier. Note to self: Use that chair.

All I had to do was suggest to Anne that she come up with an interesting way to pose on that chair. I actually have a hard time deciding which of several of those photos were my favorite. But this one is up near the top.

Beautiful, graceful, expressive.

Thank you Anne!

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