Photo Daily: Abandoned Words, Los Angeles

Abandoned Words, Los Angeles ©1996

Abandoned Words, Los Angeles ©1996

I was photographing my friend Shawn up at a house in the Hollywood Hills. She was house-sitting and invited me up to photograph her one lovely afternoon. It was a nude shoot and she had some delicate fairy wings she wanted to try out as she climbed and frolicked high above me in the trees.

When we were finished photographing her, making wonderfully fun images, I noticed something odd on one of the benches in the garden. An old Royal typewriter. Just sitting there on a bench. Rusting away. Exposed to the elements. But strikingly beautiful in its abandoned state.

The sunlight filtered down from the trees, exposing parts of the keyboard and the carriage return. The most sublime natural lighting by nature.

I was photographing Shawn with my beautiful 1968 Hasselblad camera, it probably only slightly younger than the typewriter before me. And I’m so happy with the beautiful depth-of-field that the 80mm lens on that camera produces in soft low light. It was the perfect convergence of light, a mysterious object and remembering to keep my eyes open to what was around me.

Not entirely easy with Shawn in nothing but her fairy wings. So I do have to give myself credit for that!

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