Photo Daily: Trish Davis Window Eye

Trish Davis Window Eye, Chicago ©2013

Trish Davis Window Eye, Chicago ©2013

I love light. Natural or otherwise, it simply has to be good light. And I loved that Trish wandered over to the window during our shoot that day.

This was my first shoot with Trish and she was a pleasure to work with. I got a text from her a day earlier when she suddenly needed a new place to stay while she was in Chicago. Sometimes a girl has to upgrade, you know?

It was a nice surprise because at the time, I was feeling like I hadn’t made any personal work in a while and I start to get a little artistically itchy when I go too long without it. The timing was perfect.

We came up with some very simple set-ups for our shoot. I believe we used natural light for everything. I try not to overthink these things. So I let Trish find her zone and good images are usually the result.

As soon as I saw her peekaboo eye through her arm, I knew that would be one of the great ones.

Who was the voyeur? Me? Or her?

Whoever it was, thank you, Trish!

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