Photo Daily: Stop and Enjoy the Sunset

Stop and Enjoy the Sunset, Chicago ©2014

Stop and Enjoy the Sunset, Chicago ©2014

It’s a challenge to make an interesting photo of sunset. At least for me it is. It’s kinda like trying to make a great photograph of the Grand Canyon. How can you capture the scale and the wonderment that you are experiencing with your eyes?

It’s a bit about context. It’s true that there are photographers that can make great images of sunsets on their own. I’m always inspired when I see that. Over water is a good way. Or if the cloud formations in the sky are adding depth and an additional color palette of dazzling hues. Sometimes using buildings or reflections is another way to make an interesting composition.

On this day in Chicago’s West Loop when I stepped outside during an editing break, the first thing I noticed was the rim of beautiful light on the utility pole. As I walked closer, the sunset around the corner came into view. Aligning myself so that the stop sign was in between the two added a nice balance. Later when I was looking at the image back in the studio, I thought it was a nice surprise the way the lens flare from the sun, bouncing around in my iPhone lens, made for a kind of dandelion effect around the sun.

I like this somewhat unusual sunset photo. I may not have been standing in a typically glamorous beach locale, but it was nice to stop and enjoy this urban beauty moment all the same.

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