Photo Daily: Shadows and Lines on Lake Shore Drive

Shadows and Lines on Lake Shore Drive Bridge, Chicago ©2012

Shadows and Lines on Lake Shore Drive Bridge, Chicago ©2012

I love using Chicago’s many moveable bridges as framing devices. Combine that with beautiful light and it becomes a geometric spectacle.

I was shooting some friends on the Lake Shore Drive bridge over the Chicago River a couple of years ago, when we took a momentary break. I looked across to the other side and noticed some wonderful lines and shadows. When two women started to pass through the frame in perfect step unison, it was the last ingredient in a visually intriguing moment.

A lot of these, Decisive Moments, as one of my photography inspirations, Henri Cartier-Bresson, used to call it, is one of patience and observing. A Los Angeles-based photographer called Eric Kim has a wonderful blog post about Cartier-Bresson, that is an excellent primer on why Cartier-Bresson is an influence on many contemporary photographers, myself included. Kim is also a wonderful international street photographer in his own right. The knowledge sharing on his blog is full of wonderful insights for anyone looking to improve their street photography skills. Well worth the read.

A good street photograph requires a bit of seeing into the future. Observing what’s just about to happen, or what is going to enter the frame and being ready for it. Cartier-Bresson did it better than anyone and that’s why he’s considered the godfather of street photography.

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