Photo Daily: Mia DeRosa, Old Hollywood

Mia DeRosa, Old Hollywood, Chicago ©2014

Mia DeRosa, Old Hollywood, Chicago ©2014

I was showing Mia some of my photography books of the old Hollywood photography of the 1930s and 40s. She’s only been modeling for a little while and was asking me about how I learned my style of photography. So out came my favorites.

When it came time to photograph her, we decided on a little of that old Hollywood look. Mia has a lovely face, with beautiful expressive eyes. I took a little time to explain to her how I was lighting her. I was using my ARRI 650s again. Beautiful fresnels through a cookie to give the light a little mystery.

I find that really controlling the light like they did back in the day is a wonderful way to give a photograph something special. Mia was perfect for it.

She quickly learned how to keep the slits of light on her face whenever she changed her pose. And quickly we got into a good groove. I loved how the curl in her hair reminded me of some of the actresses of those old days.

The most sublime convergence of old and new.


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