Photo Daily: Melissa City Tiptoe Over Chicago

Melissa City Tiptoe Over Chicago, ©2006

Melissa City Tiptoe Over Chicago, ©2006

Not much I can add to this photograph of Melissa, tiptoeing over the Chicago skyline that isn’t already evident in the image. She’s always been a fearless collaborator. It wasn’t the first time she and I put her in a situation that resulted in amazing art.

We were shooting in my studio. As sometimes happens, what we were trying was missing something. A good effort, but not really the magic both of us were hoping for. So we did what we always do when faced with a creative roadblock. We stopped and took a break.

Melissa walked over to the window and noticed the brooding clouds. “Let’s go up to the roof!”

I walked over to the window and very quickly agreed.

Melissa put on a lovely vintage corset. A beautiful pair of wings and a mask followed. And then a robe for the trip up the elevator and some interesting looks from our fellow passengers.

Once on the roof, we climbed to the top of one of my neighbor’s private staircases. And yes. I had permission.

Melissa began to stretch and lean and climb some more, ending up on what would normally be the wrong side of the railing. But in this case, so right. She pointed her toes and I realized if she could hold her pose and I moved ever so slightly to the right, she would almost be touching the church steeple on the horizon.

“Hold there… hold there…”



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