Photo Daily: Kate Spade Ankle Strap Heels

Kate Spade Ankle Strap Heels, Chicago ©2007

Kate Spade Ankle Strap Heels, Chicago ©2007

I enjoy the challenge of making an original image of beautiful shoes. You know how you see a setting or pose involving shoes that you’ve never seen before? They’re rare, but memorable.

My foray into women’s shoe fashion is usually a fun experiment. Come up with a way to showcase the lovely design of the heels, that has a little otherworldly sense about it. It certainly doesn’t hurt that my friend B has legs that go from here to the moon.

She was over one evening and as often happens during an evening of cocktails and epic discussions, we decided to play with a pair of shoes that she brought over. You know, just in case an impromptu photoshoot might break out.

And of course it did, with B seeming to defy gravity in her beautiful Kate Spades.

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