Photo Daily: Justine, Chicago

Justine © 2007

Justine, Chicago © 2007

Justine is the kind of friend who somehow knows when you need a 4am phone call to talk you down. She’s pretty incredible that way.

She’s another friend of mine who filled a few years of my life with many wonderful post midnight adventures. Funny that it’s the questionable adventures that really make the best memories. Somehow, no permanent damage was done to either of us, and she remains one of my most trusted friends to this day.

Every once in a while after hanging out at my studio late at night, we’d get in the mood to create something. Those were really the magic times for me. I made this photo of Justine one January evening, probably only a few hours before the sun came up. That’s how we rolled.

Justine’s in LA now, doing some amazing things with her company called The Bitter Babes. She and her partner Brighid are coming up with brilliant new ways to enjoy cocktails. It’s been great fun to watch that evolve.

Which is perfect, because that’s what Justine and I used to do when she lived here in Chicago. Coming up with brilliant new ways to enjoy cocktails. Usually involving creating some amazing art.

Thank you Justine!

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