Photo Daily: Colleen Flight

Colleen Flight, Chicago ©1995

Colleen Flight, Chicago ©1995

“I’d love to get some photos of me while I can still dance.”

That was how a wonderful full day of photographing my friend Colleen began. I think it was the first time I ever packed up my entire studio; backdrops, stands, lighting and brought it to her beautiful old apartment in Wrigleyville one Saturday.

A friend of hers (whose name sadly escapes me at the moment), did her hair and makeup all day. We started in her large front room, clearing out all of the furniture, creating a beautiful space to create our dance studio. I loved those worn hardwood floors. They really added to the timelessness of what we were trying to create.

It was 1995 so I was shooting film with my trusted Nikon F3 (which I still use to this day). We did a few practice jumps to get the timing right. I was using strobes, which fired fast enough to freeze Colleen in mid-air very nicely.

We ended up shooting all over her apartment until we were all spent. A little under 500 photographs in all. But this one has always remained one of my favorites. I had marked a little spot on the floor where she would be in focus if she hit it. Which, of course she did brilliantly.

Yeah. She could still dance.

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