Photo Daily: Brooke Lynn Shadow Road

Brooke Lynne Shadow Road, Chicago ©2014

Brooke Lynne Shadow Road, Chicago ©2014

One of the things I like best about working with Brooke Lynn is that when we collaborate, we really take our time. It’s not that we waste time when we’re creating something, but that we allow enough time and space for the idea to get here when it does.

Brooke was visiting the studio for a few days back in June and even though our shooting time was set to begin around 11 in the morning, we began our “shoot” by heading out to Millennium Park, and not to shoot, but to discover.  It’s that allowing time and space thing.

“Do you think we could go see The Bean before I leave?”, Brooke asked, the morning of the shoot.

“How about now?”

And off we went. It was a great way to start the shoot. The Bean Brooke was referring to, is actually officially called Cloudgate. But honestly, it really does look like a giant lima bean, and anything you put in a public space in Chicago, well, we’re going to call it what we want. No offense.

It was a beautiful day and I think getting a little summer sun time was probably an inspired idea before heading back to the studio to actually begin our work. We played among the tourists, all in wonder of our reflections, snapping a few iPhone photos here and there. It was great fun. And the perfect inspirational energy to begin our own creating.

The natural light in the studio was beautiful, but not where I wanted it to be, so out came two large mirrors I use to change the will of the sun. Bending it this way and that. I set up another mirror opposite Brooke so she could see what her shadow was doing without having to turn away from her pose on Shadow Road. She was brilliant as always!

Brooke was lovely and we shot a few different setups that day, all fueled by our Bean inspiration. Oh, and you may remember Brooke from our earlier collaboration a few years back with the big banana leaf.

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