Photo Daily: Blue Angels Over Chicago

Blue Angels Over Chicago @2012

Blue Angels Over Chicago @2012

I’ll admit, I still feel like a 10-year old boy whenever the jets fly over head. Probably the best time to see the annual Chicago Air & Water Show is during the Thursday and Friday rehearsal days. Yes, they actually rehearse. What makes it great is that because the stage is a 10 mile area of sky over downtown Chicago, it’s not exactly a closed set.

So if you happen to be a person of leisure on the Thursday or Friday before the actual show on Saturday and Sunday, you can enjoy a lot of the spectacle in relative private along the lakefront. And by relative, I mean only about 10,000 people instead of the two million or so that pack the lakefront on show day.

I was lucky enough to have a balcony invitation to an air show watching party at the home of my friend Mark a couple of years ago for the Saturday show, which provided me a vantage point I hadn’t experienced before. Not only high up, but outside. Very nice. And good friends. What could be better?

I shot with my 100mm lens 1/1000th of a second at ƒ14, which is unusually stopped down for me. But who has time to focus when the jets a roaring past you at nearly the speed of sound? ƒ14 means pretty much everything is in focus.

Yep. Jets are fun. And loud. And the city of Chicago makes for a pretty decent stage for the aerial acrobatics.

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