Photo Daily: Anne, the Pearls and the Lounge

Anne, the Pearls and the Lounge at Casa Bentley, Todos Santos, Mexico ©2011

Anne, the Pearls and the Lounge at Casa Bentley, Todos Santos, Mexico ©2011

I walked into Anne’s little villa room, stopping quickly, because if I had taken another step, I would have been trampling the most delightful collection of beautiful clothing and vintage lingerie that had exploded all over the floor. To be fair, it wasn’t all Anne’s clothing. She was sharing the room with another of my favorite models, Anoush. But still, it was stunningly beautiful chaos.

We were planning to do a fine-art nude shoot, but since Anne was in the middle of an international traveling trip, she had everything with her. And I mean everything! It seemed like a wonderful opportunity to change the plan a bit.

In the corner of the room, near a large bay window was a beautiful small vintage lounge sofa. Anne and I looked at each other as she held up a beautiful vintage lingerie set in one hand and a pearl necklace in the other. Done.

I pushed the sofa a little closer to the window to get a little more natural light falling on it and Anne began to finish up her hair and makeup. A few minutes later, she walked over to the lounge and she couldn’t have looked more lovely.

I had her recline with her head closest to me and her gorgeous brunette hair cascading like a waterfall over the edge of the lounge. It’s no secret that I love the contrast between striking brunette hair and porcelain skin. Especially in B&W photography. I was in artistic heaven.

We didn’t shoot long before moving on to another location across town and the fine-art nude collaboration we had originally planned. But just enough time to make a wonderful few photographs of Anne and her pearls. She has the most beautiful sublime face and wonderful features. One of my favorite models.

I’ll share more from the rest of our day another time.

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