Photo Daily: Anastasia Sun Fingers

Anastasia Sun Fingers, Chicago ©2014

Anastasia Sun Fingers, Chicago ©2014

I love playing with light. Even more so when my collaborators do the same. My dear model friend Anastasia is brilliant at whatever light you set her in. She simply knows light.

This photograph was made during the polar vortex this past winter. Less than an hour of good sun coming into the studio every day, but we made the most of it.

I set up a mirror so Anastasia could she the shadows she was creating and once the left/right reversal was mastered, it was amazing to see what she was doing with the light.

And speaking of light and photography, Anastasia is back on the other side of the Atlantic, in Ukraine and doing some traveling around Europe these days. Nothing unusual about that, except that she’s taking her art to a wonderful new place. A brief time out a few months ago to recharge her artistic batteries and she’s back with an amazing surprise.

She’s a great photographer.

Seriously great.

With no one in her general vicinity to photograph her, she turned the camera on herself. And her friends and family and the world around her. And in short order was making the kinds of photographs it usually takes years to have the eye for. But it’s because after all these years of being in front of the camera, she simply knows what good looks like. She has spent years learning about light and reflection and mood and emoting. All she had to do was learn the camera tool thing.

What she self deprecatingly calls her little selfies, are actually beautiful self portraits. They’re art. I’m seeing expressions in her images I’ve never seen when I’ve photographed her.

It’s true, I’m probably a little biased because she’s a good friend, but you can see for yourself on her Instagram page @anastasiaarteyeva. Most of the most recent 30 or so images are self portraits, using a recently acquired tripod or carefully perched camera on whatever is nearby and level. She’s determined to hone this new skill and she’s more than well on her way.

There’s a freshness that’s somehow also timeless in her new images. I can’t wait to see where her artistic journey continues to take her.

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