Photo Daily: Anastasia Hat Mask

Anastasia Arteyeva Hat Mask, Chicago ©2014

Anastasia Arteyeva Hat Mask, Chicago ©2014

One of my favorite things about working with natural light is that it’s a living creature. For this photoshoot with my wonderfully inspiring friend, Anastasia, it wasn’t only the two of us making this image, we had a third living thing creating with us. The light.

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m very aware of how the light changes in my studio depending on what season of the year I’m creating in. I know that during the Winter, for example, I’m only going to have an hour or so of direct light against my cyc. Maybe another hour as it bounces off the glass windows of one of the nearby buildings. But that’s about it.

Knowing the light, the angles and where it’s going to fall really requires thinking with geometry. Constantly moving musical geometry.

For this image, we had about 10 minutes of the light falling exactly where I wanted. It’s always a bit of, wait…. wait…. wait…. okay now!

So the three of us, Anastasia, the light and I, all collaborating for a very enjoyable few minutes of visual discovery. Anastasia is completely wonderful at knowing the light. Where she should be, how to make the most beautiful shadows with her body. Using the brim of the hat to create a lovely mask on her face. It’s why she remains one of my favorite humans to create with and be inspired by.

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