Photo Daily: Amiria Divine, Icy Curves on White Tulle

Amiria Divine Icy Curves on White Tulle, Chicago ©2009

Amiria Divine Icy Curves on White Tulle, Chicago ©2009

Some of my favorite photoshoot memories are when we are all just playing. My lovely model friend Amiria Divine (who has just moved back to Chicago from the UK, yay!), and another model friend, Felicia, began playing with makeup. An ice white theme began to evolve.

I pulled out a large container of white tulle, most of which I had purchased while thrift store shopping in Las Vegas a few years earlier. I’m not really a Vegas guy. After about three days of slot machine bells, I’m a little ready to lose my mind. So a couple of friends and I decided to explore some of the vintage stores in some of the less glamorous parts of town. Completely worth it.

Felicia and Amiria finished off the look with a lovely platinum blonde wig. Beautiful.

Amiria has lovely curves and in short order she was nestled in the tulle creating wonderful shapes. I loved her expression in this image. Definitely one of those, I wonder what she’s thinking about looks.

It was a wonderful night of playing and laughing and creating. Thank you both, Amiria and Felicia!

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