Photo Daily: Anastasia Red Wall

Anastasia Red Wall, Chicago © 2014

Anastasia Red Wall, Chicago © 2014

I had the pleasure of collaborating with my lovely model friend, Anastasia Arteyeva, this past January. Somewhere in the midst of the polar vortex we created an abundance of art. Many wonderful still images and three short films, one of which, Anastasia Taxi, has been finished, and you can view it below. The second one, Anastasia Dream, is almost finished and then there is one more after that!

Chicago winters have precious little sunshine, but during her ten-day visit, we did manage to find a few moments of beautiful natural sunlight streaming into the studio. This was one of them and it only lasted a few minutes. Anastasia is always effortlessly stunning.

I usually prefer my art nudes to be in b&w, but in cases like this, the color just works.

A red wall. The sun. Anastasia.

Sometimes that’s all you need.

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