Billy Sheahan Photo Daily: Rebecca Red Glass

Rebecca Lawrence Red Glass, April 29th, © 2014

Rebecca Lawrence Red Glass, April 29th, © 2014

A still from a forthcoming short film with Rebecca Lawrence, shot through rotating red glass. No post FX, all in camera.

Rebecca’s stay at the studio was during a week of very busy week of my shooting, editing and animating several television commercial for one of my favorite advertising clients. A week made even busier because of some health issues with my parents and lots of driving out of state to be there for them.

In the middle of all of that was my 50th birthday. Months later, we’re still waiting for some time to celebrate that. But it will come all in good time.

I had a rotating pedestal I was shooting some products on for the tv spots I mentioned, and Rebecca thought it might be a good idea to try to use that to make some art with her. I took a large red vase and set it up on the pedestal, inches from the camera’s lens. We did a few tests, changing how much light I was throwing onto the vase. I definitely wanted to pick up some of the highlights on the glass as it turned, but not so much that you couldn’t see Rebecca’s wonderful shape coming through on the other side.

We didn’t have a lot of time, but we managed to find some very interesting shots, with Rebecca checking playback with me after each shot to see how she could time her movements with the rotation. I wish we had more time to capture even more footage, but it was such a nice creative coming up for air break that I really needed that week.

Thank you Rebecca! Always an amazing and inspiring collaborator!

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