50 years of Billy! And, can I get a raincheck on that?

Billy's Birthday Cake

Billy’s Surprise Birthday Cake from Rebecca

I love my friends. I’m a completely overly fortunate son-of-a-gun when it comes to having the most incredible group of humans in my life. Seriously, it is truly an embarrassment of riches.

And it’s never more obvious than when you pass a milestone in your life, such as a birthday that starts with a five and ends in ifty.

Yep. A half century. Damn.

“Wait. How can you be 50?!”

I get that a lot. I don’t know. I honestly don’t keep track. My long time friend Jill sends me a handmade birthday card every year to remind me how old I am, or I really wouldn’t know. She never misses a birthday. And it’s always an amazing card.

Jill's 2014 Birthday Card

Jill’s 2014 Birthday Card

I’ve had a charmed life. I’ve traveled. I’ve experienced beautiful cultures and traditions. Architecture thousands of years old. The art of the masters. I’ve been able to create my own art with the most generous beautiful women, incredible muses all, that makes my soul dance. Pure joy. My life has been an anomaly. Nothing that I could have predicted. I often say, if you told the 15-year-old me, what the adult me would be doing later in life, I’m pretty sure his head would have exploded.

So yeah, I don’t feel 50. I’m told I don’t look 50 either, which really is unimportant, but pleasant to hear, I guess. But I do know I’ve tried to cram as much life into my 50 years as possible.

I’ve had friends planning my big 5-0 celebration since December. “Oooh, can I be in charge of your party?”, cooed my excellent friend Katie, as we were standing outside of a karaoke bar during the winter holidays.

“Sure. Whatever you want to do is fine with me.”

“Oh man, this is going to be awesome!”

And then there’s, the best laid plans, thing. Yeah, as April 29th got closer, my schedule (again, very happily), got jammed packed with work. Not just a little work. Like 16 hours a day work. My wonderful model friend Rebecca was staying with me that week and I was so busy, that even with a beautiful model living in my own studio, we only managed to carve out an hour or so to have a little photoshoot one night after midnight. That’s just crazy busy.

And in the middle of all that, my incredible mother, who is the reason I am the man that I am today, took a turn for the worst. As I write this, we’re still in the middle of that situation, so that’s all I’ll say, but between an overloaded work schedule and trying to be there for my family, it’s been a challenging few weeks.

Needless to say, it also meant that any birthday plans would have to be postponed indefinitely.

But, my friends. My glorious, wonderful, off-the-charts fabulous friends. Many took the time to write beautiful notes. Over a hundred Facebook birthday wishes. Old school cards in the mail. Wonderfully handmade cards. My friend Rebecca even pulled me away from my editing desk, 15 minutes before my birthday expired to make me blow out the candles in a mini birthday cake that, at the rate I was working, she wasn’t entirely sure if she’d get me to stop and enjoy it before my birthday became yesterday.

Billy's Birthday Cake from Rebecca

Billy’s Birthday Cake from Rebecca

Then, another cake the next day at an audio session with my good friends at NoiseFloor. More cards and well wishes.

I am a fortunate man. And I don’t take that for granted.

So yes. There will be time to celebrate 50 years of Billy. I’m as anxious to as any of my friends. But I figure I’ve made it 50 years, I can wait a few more weeks, right?

Of course. And it’s completely like me to rearrange my schedule to have it whenever it feels right. I’ll let you all know when.

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