Fall Cleaning – Taming your email inbox with unroll.me

Fall is here and that means retailers are gearing up for the holiday shopping season. If you think your email inbox is overflowing now, just wait a few weeks! It’s time for a Fall cleaning and a new way you can go about taming your email inbox with unroll.mebefore the onslaught of Black Friday.

Chicago Fall Leaves

Chicago Fall Leaves

We’re all very busy these days, and no matter whether you’re an artist looking for more productive time to create or anyone looking for more time in their day, the constant barrage of emails can interrupt even the most focused of people.

Over the years, I’ve tried many of different email apps, desktop programs, folders and other email organizational tactics with less than perfect success. However, I recently found one that really reduces the amount of  messages in my inbox, without causing me to miss something I might actually want to see. It’s called unroll.me, and I have recovered more than an hour a day when it comes to my email inbox.

Here’s how it works, and it does take a bit of a leap of faith as you’re turning over your email passwords to an internet company to do the heavy lifting for you. But after a few weeks, I can assure you, any concerns I had about that have melted away because of the time I’ve reclaimed in my day.

Unroll.me asks you to sign up with the various email accounts you want to organize. Unroll.me currently supports Outlook.com (including Hotmail, MSN, & Windows Live), Gmail, Google Apps, Yahoo! Mail, AOL Mail, and iCloud. Depending on how many email accounts you have, you may have to create more than one account with them. For instance I use Gmail for business and iCloud, so I have two unroll.me accounts, one for each.

Once you create your account, unroll.me scans your email current inbox for specific kinds of subscriptions. The time you signed up for target.com when you needed new pillows and now you hear from them every week. Or when you signed up for a political candidate’s email list and now you get emails from every political office imaginable asking for money. Or  blogs you subscribed to that you like to read, but not when they’re filling up your inbox at 9am Monday morning.

These are emails that you may not actually want to completely unsubscribe from, but the sheer amount of them have become tedious time burglars. They’re not spam emails, but they really don’t deserve to pull you away from whatever you’re doing, whenever they feel like it.

Unroll.me gives you the option to “roll up” all these retail, Facebook/LinkedIn/Google+ updates, blogs, newsletters and other non-critical subscription emails into one daily email that you can choose what time of day it arrives in your inbox. Maybe you’d like to quickly scan all of that first thing in the morning. Perhaps around lunchtime. Or even in the evening at the end of your day. The brilliant thing is, that you decide when that single daily rollup email arrives in your inbox. You’re not distracted dozens or more time a day when your email inbox beeps for your attention.

For me, instead of clicking open on every of those emails throughout my day, I get one email that I can quickly scan through in under a minute to see if there is anything I want to deal with or read, right at that moment, or ignore it until a more relevant time. Such as when I actually do need new pillows again!

My daily rollup

My daily rollup


Simple. Brilliant. Easy to quickly scan through one email of the various offers, blogs, updates and other things I don’t want distracting me every hour of my day. And unroll.me allows you to easily unsubscribe to any of these subscriptions with one click, rather than having to click on the unsubscribe link in the email, enter your email address, confirm that you really want to unsubscribe and get yet another email that you have indeed unsubscribed. With rollup, one click. Poof. Gone.

In addition, if you’re antsy about missing something before you get your daily rollup email, all of those emails are actually still in your email inbox. Except now, they’re in a new folder that rollup creates for you called, of course, unroll.me. But your email icon doesn’t jump in your dock or list 10 unread emails every time a rolled up email is sent to you. Unroll.me has already read them for you, so they are technically no longer unread emails.

And any time you wish to remove something from your rollup and put it back into your general inbox circulation, that too, is one easy click away. Maybe you really do enjoy hearing from Target several times a week. It’s really your call.

In your daily rollup, unroll.me will let you know of any new email subscriptions it’s found that day and ask you if you want to add them to your rollup. In the first week or so, you’ll probably get notices of a lot of new subscriptions that are still going to your regular inbox. But over time, you’ll have a greatly reduced amount of new non-critical emails every day in your inbox as you train unroll.me to add those to your single daily rollup.

You’ll be amazed how wonderful it is that your email inbox is not screaming for your attention several times an hour when you’re trying to work or have a life!

You’re welcome!

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