Basic Lightroom Training free on CreativeLIVE this week

A lot of people ask me what software I use to organize and edit my photography. I use many applications, but the one that I really could not live without is Adobe Lightroom. From its first release years ago, it has changed my organization and workflow in critically positive ways. I’ll always use Photoshop for the heavy lifting, but Lightroom usually gets me 80% of the way there whenever I’m editing and retouching.


If you’ve thought about adding Lightroom to your photography workflow but were intimidated about how to get started, you’re in for some good news this week.

Jared Platt is giving a three-day seminar on beginning Lightroom today through Wednesday called Lightroom 101. It begins this morning at 11am central time and is rebroadcast again beginning around 6pm and looping all night if your day is too full to catch it live.

Jared is a great teacher and explains the material in a very straightforward and easy to digest pace. It’s a great place to start if you’re interested in leaning Lightroom. You can also purchase the course during the run of the course for a discount or any time later for full price.

I have no affiliation with CreativeLIVE, but I enjoy what they offer. Just passing on some good information.

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