The Bicyclipod Test Video

Bicyclipod Test from Billy Sheahan on Vimeo.

A few weeks ago I mentioned I had created a contraption that allowed me to get around Chicago on my bike and arrive with a camera support system that I could use a bit like a glider. I called it the Bicyclipod.

The Bicyclipod

The Bicyclipod

A few of you have asked how the footage I shot that night turned out. The answer is, not too bad. In my original post I mentioned that with only two points of contact to the ground, my bike wheels, there was a certain amount of yaw and pitch that took some practice to minimize as I was rolling the bike through the shots. And certainly the roughness of salt and cracks in pavement added to the bumpiness of some of the shots.

The good news is, because we live in the future, some of the less than perfect Bicyclipod dolly shots could be fixed in post using some camera stabilization.

I picked a few of the scenes and put together a short video of the results. Not entirely perfect, but really not bad for a first test out in the winter elements.

I think with more practice and a few slight modifications, the Bicyclipod might be very useful for shooting in the future.

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