Billy’s Laugh: Now on Demand

Make me laugh. Go ahead.

I was at an industry party last week, hosted by my good friends at Noise-Floor, when, as is often the case at a party like this, someone said something hysterical and I let loose with one of my signature laughs. It’s kind of become a legendary sound in my circle of friends and colleagues.

Noise-Floor's Nick Harris, James Helm of The Colonie laughing with Billy Sheahan

Noise-Floor’s Nick Harris with James Helm of The Colonie, laughing it up with Billy Sheahan at Noise-Floor’s annual St. Paddy’s Day Party

My friend Katie, immediately turned to me and said, “Oh, I love that laugh! I need to hear that more often.”

Katie and I have been friends for years and have shared more than a few moments of laughing until you cry. I decided to make her offhand wish come true.

Because I’m often recorded for online courses, voice overs and lectures, there are countless hours of me stored on various hard drives. Surely there had to be more than a few laughs in some of the outtakes.

The next day, I loaded up one of the archives from when I taught a course a couple of years back at fxphd. I short order I had found a couple of moments where I had cracked up on camera. Perfect.

I exported it as a small audio file and sent it to Katie, who loved it and has apparently started using it as her phones ringtone. I can only imagine what it’s like when she gets a call in the middle of a meeting.

Anyway, it appears the Billy Laugh audio sound effect has become a bit hit. It’s starting to make the rounds on various social media.

So much so that it seems silly to hide it under a bushel. As a public service to anyone who needs a laugh, a Billy laugh, on demand, I offer this little gift to you.

Feel free to use it as a personal ringtone, or an error message on your computer, or anything else that will make you smile when it goes off.

The Infamous Billy Laugh

Go ahead, make me laugh.

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