It’s Christmas in June: Getting Around to Opening My Holiday Cards

Okay, I know how it happened. I’ve mentioned before that it seems like December is always a race to the finish line. I always do a full warm up and stretch right around Thanksgiving, knowing what’s coming down the pipe… or chimney for that matter.

Happy Holidays Card

It’s never too late to celebrate the holidays… right?

December is always a what needs to get done today? month. At the top of the list is year end client projects with budgets that have to be spent before the New Year rings in. A lot of those projects. A lot of those deadlines.

Throughout the month of December, when I would see an obvious holiday card in my daily stack of mail, I’d smile and put it aside to open later. The unopened holiday card pile grew and eventually got buried with other assorted non-deadline piles.

Until this evening when I was cleaning an area of the office that had been neglected for a while. And there they were.

The holiday cards.

I opened them one by one, now being able to give them the attention they deserved. Finally.

The photo cards of friends whose kids are getting frightening huge. The year end letters detailing so much of 2011. The holiday letters are really the original blogs of sorts, before there were blogs.

So as I sit under a fan this evening on a 90 degree evening in mid-June,

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!

Next, well wishes from recent birthdays past.

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